A smart dress code benefits everyone.

The governors, staff and parents at Dunsford Community Academy place great emphasis on high standards. Our drive to realising these standards encompasses all aspects of academy life; teaching and learning; relationships; behaviour and dress code, etc. Wearing the correct academy uniform is essential. The support of parents is very important in this. It is very important that all clothing is clearly labelled.

Our uniform is supplied via Price and Buckland and can be purchased online:


• Bottle green sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo (required)
• White polo shirt or white shirt with collar
• Grey or black trousers / skirt / shorts (summer)
• Green and white checked pinafore dress (summer)
• Grey, black or white socks or plain grey, green or black tights
• Black or brown enclosed shoes

Children should not wear trainers (except for PE), pointed heeled shoes or jewellery.

PE and Games

• White T shirt (logos optional)
• Black PE shorts or tracksuits (winter)
• Trainers
• Bag to keep PE kit in (nothing too large)
• Swimming suit / trunks (must be good fitting, no bikinis)
• Swimming cap for longer than ear-length hair
• Large towel
• Waterproof swimming bag
All items of clothing should be clearly named.


Jewellery and hairstyles:

We expect that children wear a minimum of jewellery. However, the following are acceptable:
• A watch.
• A medical alert bracelet.
• No more than one stud in each ear.
• Artificially brightly coloured or bleached hair is not permitted in school.
• All long hair must be tied back using school friendly, discrete accessories

Optional Items

  • Sun Hat – Green with Academy logo
  • PE Bag – Green with Academy logo
  • Book Bag – Green with Academy logo

Forest School Kit:

  • Warm clothes (hats, scarf and gloves in colder weather)
  • Water proofs (trousers and overcoat)
  • Correctly fitting Wellington boots
  • A water bottle