At Dunsford, we have carefully designed our curriculum sequencing to match our mixed aged classes which are revised each academic year. This year we have a mixed EYFS/Year 1; Year 2,3,4 and Year 5,6 class.

Most of our curriculum subjects are taught on a 2-year rolling programme for EYFS/Year 1 &  Year 5,6 class and on a 3-year rolling programme for Years 2,3 &4.

Science has been developed to ensure that there is a 2-year rolling programme and children will not repeat units. We have sought to maximise opportunities to build on prior learning and build on key knowledge, concepts and skills. The children have been placed in KS1, LKS2 and UKS2 to allow them to access the key objectives in Science that are aimed at their age and stage. Units have then been deliberately placed so that similar units are taking place in the same term, and same year to support progression and deepen teachers’ knowledge of the differences between year groups. The skills within the curriculum overview map will only focus on the age range of the child to allow them to achieve before moving into the next stage. By the end of each key stage grouping, over the 2 years, all children will have covered all the expected objectives building on prior learning in readiness to build and further develop in the next stage of their education. The children have also been placed in KS1, LKS2 and UKS2 for RHE to allow them to access the objectives that are aimed at their age and stage.

Geography and History are alternated half-termly and are both taught discretely as stand-alone subjects this maximises the opportunities to make links to prior learning, layer up knowledge and skills and enable meaningful links with other subjects.

The Geography and, in part, the History concepts (change, settlement, impact, government, trade, transport, religion & beliefs, invasion) have been carefully chosen with the community, which the school serves, at the heart of our distinctive offer therefore starting locally and building through national and global concepts and events. This is important in all subjects so that our pupils, first and foremost, have a strong sense of belonging (one of our core beliefs) and of themselves within their community but also then build upon this to have a deep understanding of their place within the wider world. We are aware that Dunsford’s community is rural and lacks the diversity that can be experienced in many other schools, therefore our curriculum is underpinned by the premise that we must educate them to have agency within the wider world around them.

There is no set amount of lessons per week therefore teachers are encouraged to use flexibility in their weekly timetables to ensure the unit is compete.