Being Happy, Staying Safe

At Dunsford Community Academy we prioritise the safeguarding of each and every one of our children; we create a ‘culture of vigilance’ regarding keeping children safe. We are always brave enough to challenge in the interests of safety.

We strive to establish and maintain a school environment where our children feel safe, happy and secure. Children know that they will be listened to in an open, positive and nurturing atmosphere.

We ensure that all of our children know they can approach any member of staff if they are in difficulty or if they are worried about anything.

We actively seek the views of children. We listen to them, value them and involve them in decision making about their school and their education. 

We have robust safeguarding procedures to ensure that we only employ safe adults.




Our culture of safeguarding includes:

  • Consistent, positive relationships with school adults creating a warm, nurturing environment in which to thrive
  • A listening culture, where the thoughts and feelings of others are valued
  • A PSHE (personal, social and health education) curriculum which encourages in children the development of a sense of self, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • A robust e-safety curriculum, informed by the latest information regarding how to keep children safe online
  • A strong safeguarding curriculum (in partnership with CAP UK, the NSPCC and other partners), designed to empower children with the knowledge that they have the right to be ‘safe, strong and free’
  • Open communication with children and their families
  • parental education about safeguarding issues through newsletters and information events
  • A child-friendly safeguarding policy
  • Staff who receive regular safeguarding updates and training
  • Designated Safeguarding Leads who work collaboratively across the Trust to keep their own practice up to date and also ensure that appropriate training is disseminated to staff throughout the year.

In short, safeguarding children is the most important responsibility of our academy –  it is our number one priority.


Every year our children visit the Life Education Centre where we explore how to stay healthy and look after ourselves.


We work with the NSPCC through their assembly workshops and their online resources to help children feel empowered to keep themselves safe and who they can talk to. We use the fun materials and resources linked to the Underwear Rule.


Each year the children work with Devon Child Assault Prevention Team (CAP) where they enjoy workshops and assemblies to give them age sensitive information in a fun and informative manner.