At Dunsford Community Academy we expect the highest standards of attendance and punctuality for each child.  

Our Trust’s mission is ‘to transform children’s lives’. Excellent attendance and punctuality is crucially important in order for children to maximise their achievement in school and to be well-prepared for the demands of the next stage of their education. Research evidence and national statistics link high attendance to the achievement of academic and personal development.

We discourage routine medical or dental appointments during school hours. We encourage all children to work towards 100% attendance and we set a minimum attendance target of 98% per year. High attendance is celebrated (in our weekly class newsletters, for example).

We encourage regular attendance by:

  • providing a caring and welcoming learning environment and learning that is such fun that children will not want to miss it
  • responding promptly to a child’s or parent’s concerns about the academy or other children
  • marking registers accurately and punctually during morning and afternoon registration
  • publishing and displaying attendance statistics
  • celebrating good and improved attendance
  • monitoring children, informing parents/carers in writing of irregular attendance, arranging meetings with them if necessary.


Attendance and Absence Policy

Absence Request form


Our improving attendance

We are making good progress on improving our overall attendance record. We still have room to improve but thank you to everyone for helping improve this area of school performance over the past 5 years.

  • Our attendance for 2018/2019 – 95.77%
  • Our attendance for 2017/2018 – 96.53%
  • Our attendance for 2016/2017 – 95.61%
  • Our attendance for 2015/2016 – 95.39%