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Welcome to our Induction page for new families!

We are delighted that you are thinking joining the Dunsford Community Academy family in September 2022 and we would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to the Learning Academy Partnership.  We are really looking forward to working in partnership with you to ensure that your child has the best possible start to their primary education.

We believe the induction of a new child to our academy family is important, and crucial to ensuring their future success.  At Dunsford Community Academy, we do everything we can to ensure our families are fully informed about the journey ahead; the curriculum that will be taught, the approach to teaching in the Foundation Stage, as well as the practical arrangements of starting school.

Given the current Covid-19 pandemic, how we support induction into our school may look a little different to what we’ve done in previous years; however, please rest assured that we are here for you and we will do all we can to ensure that your little one is ready, confident and excited about starting school in September 2022.  Although we are unable to share dates for our induction process, you will find all of the information that you need here to make this transition a success.  We appreciate your patience and understanding with this.

Please also visit other pages on our website, our Twitter page@DunsfordLAP or our Facebook page to find out more about our fabulous academy; we work extremely hard to keep everything up to date, sharing all of the fabulous learning that takes place each term.




Applying for a Reception place


If your child was born between 1st September 2017 and 31st August 2018 and you are interested in applying for a Reception place at Dunsford Community Academy please go to from 15th November 2021 to 15th January 2022. Please be aware that if your child already attends our Nursery you will still need to apply for a Reception place. Remember, if you have any questions or queries, no matter how small they may seem, please feel free to contact the academy office and ask to speak to Mrs Sinton (Administrator) or Mrs Guntrip  (Head of Academy) and they will be able to help.

Once you have been allocated a place at Dunsford Community Academy any communication sent out will also be uploaded to here.