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They meet regularly and have an Eco committee board in school. The Eco committee are committed to improving the area and school.

We are so proud to have achieved Green Flag, with distinction at Dunsford Community Academy. The tireless work from the committee with support from our Green Coordinator, Mrs Balfour, has been nothing short of breath taking. Looking after the academy, the grounds and building sustainable futures is core to our values and we will continue to make a difference this year. We are looking forward to celebrating the unveiling of our Green Flag to publicise our hard work.





Our newly formed Eco Committee has been working hard to develop and improve Dunsford Community Academy’s Eco friendliness.

They have been working towards the coveted Green Flag award and have had substantial, measurable impact on the academy, the curriculum, and the wider community, with their wide range of activities and endeavours.

Included their Eco work this year has been:

  • Forming a committee and having regular meetings
  • Planting a tree and inviting local celebrities in to celebrate the King’s Coronation
  • Completing an audit of the energy and waste created by the academy
  • Working with the Trust to improve food wastage and energy usage
  • Improved the recycling in the academy
  • Started a composting process
  • Improving the environment with bird friendly areas, no mow may and litter picking
  • Organised a Bat watch and nature watch event
  • Completed litter picking in and out of the academy

They have only just begun!





#NoMowMay 2023

Turner Twins support Royal Oak Planting

We used nature's art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy to show our love for nature.

Sustainable - We learn to grow plants and harvest

Curriculum trips focus on natural land use and human impact.

Local eco opportunities - Bats, hedgehogs and foxes all regular visitors

Sustainable country living and farming.

Auditing food waste and composting lessons

Action Plans - Waste, Biodiversity and litter

After an extensive audit out Eco committee chairperson sat down with support to write our action plan. After the year we will be looking at how we have done and how we sustain the impact of some of the committee as they move into Secondary.

Find out more from our Action Plan 2023