Otter Class

Our happy class is a lively mix of Early Years Foundation and Years 1 and 2 children. We are always busy learning, even if what we do looks like too much fun!

We place a huge emphasis on our Early Years provision and link closely with our onsite Nursery. We also like to bring our learning to life by using our amazing outdoor environment as much as possible. Our half termly topics reflect the children’s interests and ensure our learning is always placed within a meaningful context.

Daily Routines

Children receive a warm welcome every morning, very quickly happily saying goodbye to their family members and coming in to class with confidence to put their belongings away. Staff are available for any brief messages at this time, though have longer to meet at the end of the school day. We are always happy to help in any way we can.

The rain shaker signals the start of the school day with registration; parents leave promptly and quietly at this signal.

At the end of the school day, parents wait at the little gate next to the classroom. Staff often chat to parents at this time, celebrating good news about achievements during the day, answering any questions or passing on information.

Home Learning

At home we encourage you to listen to your children read daily. Reading books and guided reading tasks are sent home every week. Our weekly class newsletter details activities to try at home, such as maths challenges. Do please click on the links below to find out more!


Show and Tell

On Fridays the children are invited to bring in one item from home that they would like to show and talk about with the class. They place this in the ‘Show and Tell’ box at the front of the classroom. If it is a delicate or valuable item then please show the class teacher and this will be stored by the teacher’s desk for safe keeping.

Question Time

Their peers will ask them questions to find out more about the object such as ‘Where did it come from?’ ‘How long have they had it?’ ‘Why is it special to them?’ It would be helpful to your child to practice this sort of questioning at home so they know some of the answers they might need to give during this speaking and listening session.

Continuous Learning

The show and tell items are then used during Continuous Learning Provision sessions later in the day so other children can play alongside your child with their object and take turns.