Science week

The main theme for Science week has been “Innovation for the Future”.

Willow class were inspired by the video clip of the Rube Goldberg machine and have thought about how Scientists create new and exciting things. During Science Week, the classroom has been buzzing with Science activities! Reception have sorted materials into plastics and non-plastics, discussing the properties of different materials, and Year one had fun distinguishing objects from materials in the classroom. We have also looked at magnets and the life-cycle of a frog.























Cedar Class watched a video to inspire their scientific thinking. They looked into creating new inventions or improving the existing ones.






























Oak class explored density by making lava lamps. First we added two parts oil to one part water. The class were fascinated to see that when they poured the water in it formed lots of bubbles but it would not mix with the oil. They added a couple of drops of food colouring which mixed with the water and then settled at the bottom of the jar. Then we added a few pieces of alka seltzer and watched our lava lamps come to life. We learnt that the carbon dioxide that is formed by the alka seltzer carries the water and food colouring to the top of the jar through the oil. Once it reached the top it popped which then allowed the water to fall back to the bottom of the jar. The results were fascinating to watch and the children really enjoyed the experiment.


Science  week